* updated with the full cover *

Right then. More new stuff, and posted properly this time!  The lovely people over at Atom books have officially released news of this: The Abominators - And my Amazing Panty Wanty Woos!

I'm really excited about this ongoing project - not only has J L Smith has written such a brilliantly funny set of stories, but I've been having top hatfuls of fun drawing posh boy Cecil and his maybe/nearly/almost chums, the mischievous Abominators!  You'll have to wait a bit longer before I can show off any of those inside illustrations though...

In the meantime, you can read a bit more about it here



It's been Panda time again for me recently. The first one of these books - Panda Panic - came along unexpectedly and was great fun, both to read and to draw the pics for it. This selection is from the second book, 'Panda Panic: Running Wild' 

They are part of Harper Collins' Awesome Animal series ( as are the Meerkat Madness books that I do ) and they're written by Jamie Rix, who is brilliant!


Right then. I haven't updated anything Meerkat related in a little while, so here's a cover to the next one that'll be out later on this year: Merry Meerkat Madness. There's also going to be a special second version of this cover that is much more... well... festive looking, I think would describe it best!



I have a few things to be working on at the moment - and here is a very sneaky peek at some imagery from one of them.   It's for Atom, who are part of Little Brown Publishers. Although they are largely a Teen fiction publisher, these titles are part of a move into the Young Fiction area - and I am very happy indeed to be involved : ) 



A couple of months ago I posted a cropped cover image for this early reader book, so I thought it would be a good idea to post some of the spreads from inside of it too. There are more, but I like these ones - and It's pretty easy to get the gist of the story. With the simple palette and straightforward compositions, it's good to be able to freshen up the visual brain in between black & white heavy fiction projects! 


Some Pandas what I did. These are some rough character workings for another new fiction project that I've got lined up.  Took me quite a while to sketch through shapes and ideas before I got comfortable with Pandas, but I really enjoyed it when the characters showed themselves. I think it'll be fun!



Right then. Rather than edit the post from a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a little more fun to show the bigger picture. The ball is rolling with this now - slowly to start with, but it's on its way nevertheless. I'll be working with Alec Sillifant who has written plenty of cool stuff already as you can see. It's called 'Zakk from Zekon 5' and it's going to be (I very much hope) an epic space adventure, fitting somewhere between kid's younger fiction and a Graphic Novel. As usual, more to come! 

2012 is looking like it's going to be a lot of fun : ) 


Hello. These drawings are from a big bunch of character sketches/ideas that I was hoping would get me a lovely new project... and it looks like they have done the job, so to speak!  I'm excited about this one - It's full of laughs and should be great fun to draw. More details when I get them, and when it's OK for me to say so etc! 



I keep trying to squeeze in a few hours to work on personal projects, but it's hard to find the time. Really, that's a good thing as we all know that being busy is best!  More of this to come when time permits... 

oh, and Happy New Year everybody : )