* updated with the full cover *

Right then. More new stuff, and posted properly this time!  The lovely people over at Atom books have officially released news of this: The Abominators - And my Amazing Panty Wanty Woos!

I'm really excited about this ongoing project - not only has J L Smith has written such a brilliantly funny set of stories, but I've been having top hatfuls of fun drawing posh boy Cecil and his maybe/nearly/almost chums, the mischievous Abominators!  You'll have to wait a bit longer before I can show off any of those inside illustrations though...

In the meantime, you can read a bit more about it here


  1. So looking forward to seeing this, Sam!!
    Are you still popping down soon?

  2. Me too, Fred! I really hope the inside drawings sit well - we shall have to see !

    Yep, still planning on coming your way matey. Let's chat soon : )

  3. I'll be picking the up for me and my daughter.
    Thanks again for dropping by my blog, and glad you liked Balloon Story.

  4. Cheers Paul, and no probs mate. I really must buy my own copy of Ink + Paper 2 rather than ogle someone else's : )

  5. Hi Sam! This looks very promising! Will there be more comic pages? Or only the one from your earlier post?
    cheers, patrick

  6. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for stopping by. There's some very nice drawings on your blog too by the looks of it : )

    There's a few comic pages in each book actually - I've just finished book 2 and pushed the illustrations even further, so I'll get around to updating stuff over the next week or so and you can come back and see ; )