So, The Abominators: In the wild ( book 2 in the series ) should be out in a few weeks I think... sometime in early May anyway. The covers have been through a few changes along the way ( even since book 1 hit the shops ) but I'm pretty certain that this'll be how it looks when it's sitting on the bookshelves!

Cecil with the speech bubble was originally on the front part of the cover - as was the tent image below.  Thought it'd be useful to post them as I've no idea if they'll end up on the back or not! 

When it gets a bit closer  to May I'll start posting some of the inside illustrations : ) 



Zakk from zekon 5. This is a personal project I've been slowly chipping away at in the background with writer Alec Sillifant. The general pitch/idea is for a space themed adventure aimed at younger readers. These are a few of the characters involved, and a couple of atmospheric, poster style pieces to set a bit of scene.